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May 23 2018

Pythagoras on the Purpose of Life and the Meaning of Wisdom

May 22 2018

Singularity: Poet Marie Howe’s Beautiful Tribute to Stephen Hawking and Our Belonging to the Universe

May 21 2018

The Trailblazing 18th-Century Woman of Letters Germaine de Staël on Ambition and the Crucial Difference Between Ego and Genius

May 18 2018

May 17 2018

Two Hundred Years of Blue

May 16 2018

Life, Loss, and the Wisdom of Rivers

May 15 2018

Nabokov’s Synesthetic Alphabet: From the Weathered Wood of A to the Thundercloud of Z
Optimism: A Poetic Stop-Motion Celebration of Nature’s Resilience and the Persistence of Life Against All Odds

May 14 2018

Pioneering Mathematician G.H. Hardy on the Noblest Existential Ambition and How We Find Our Purpose

May 11 2018

The Universe as an Infinite Storm of Beauty: John Muir on the Transcendent Interconnectedness of Nature

May 10 2018

Sojourns in the Parallel World: America Ferrera Reads Denise Levertov’s Ode to Our Ambivalent Relationship with Nature
A Brave and Startling Truth: Astrophysicist Janna Levin Reads Maya Angelou’s Stunning Humanist Poem That Flew to Space, Inspired by Carl Sagan

May 09 2018

Reality, Representation, and the Search for Meaning: Argentine Artist Mirtha Dermisache’s Invented Graphic Languages
Darkness in the Celestial Lighthouse: Virginia Woolf’s Arresting 1927 Account of a Total Solar Eclipse

April 18 2018

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February 08 2018

Literary Witches: An Illustrated Celebration of Trailblazing Women Writers Who Have Enchanted and Transformed the World

February 07 2018

Thoreau on Knowing vs. Seeing and What It Takes to Apprehend Reality Unblinded by Our Preconceptions

February 06 2018

Eleven Kinds of Blue: Werner’s Pioneering 19th-Century Nomenclature of the Colors, Beloved by Darwin

February 05 2018

Conversations with the Earth: Geologist Hans Cloos on the Complementarity of Art and Science in Illuminating the Splendor of Nature and Reality
I Am Loved: Nikki Giovanni’s Poems for Kids, Selected and Illustrated by Beloved 94-Year-Old Artist Ashley Bryan
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